Rivka Rothstein, voice artist, voice over talent, voice over, voice actor, actor, singer, synchron, berlin, synchronsprecherin, sprecherin
Rivka Rothstein, voice artist, voice over talent, synchron, synchronsprecherin, sprecherin, voice actor, singer, actor,

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rivka rothstein

LANGAUGES:  American English (native), German (fluent, accent free)

DIALECTS/ACCENTS in English:  Standard American, Southern American, RP British, Contemporary RP, Transatlantic, German

DIALECTS/ACCENTS in German:  American, British

SINGING:  Soprano, pop, singer-songwriter, musical theatre, jazz, blues, choral, harmonization, songwriting, intermediate piano and guitar skills, whistling

DUBBING (selection)

2020   Attraction 2                            Julia (lead)

             Ascension Day                       Eva (lead)   

             AK-47                                   Ekaterina (female lead)

             Robo                                     Katja                     

2019   The Elfkins                              Elfie (lead)

             Coma                                   Fly (female lead)

             The Collini Case                    Young Johanna/Receptionist

             Cut Off                                 Rebecca

             Battle of Leningrad                 Pomerantseva


2021   Still Water                               Lyuba (lead)

             The Return of Lucas                  Catalina (lead)

             Chernobyl 1986                     Olga (lead)

             School for Magical Animals     Jo's Mother


2021   Soloist - 432, Athesinus Consort, dir. Klaus-Martin Bresgott

             Vocals - Troubadour, Dave Gunders

2019   Deichmann BENCH Collection Commercial

             Vocalist - Theatre Duisberg Romeo und Julia Soundtrack

             Vocals - Emile Bernard's newest EP


VOICE OVER  Dave Walsh, Rebecca Steinberg, Lisa Biggs, Christa Lewis

SINGING  Patti Cathcart Andress, Brian Schexnayder, Mary Ann Kehler, Susan Dawn Carson, Connie Castro

ACTING  Blake Hackler, Benard Cummings, Michael Connelly, Neal Lerner, Ilja Bocharnikovs

2018   pre.formance Seminar Series, Performing Arts Programm Berlin

2016   BFA Acting & Directing, Southern Methodist University, USA

2014   Moscow Art Theatre School, National Theatre Institute semester

2011   New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, summer program

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