rivka rothstein


"Men do not know themselves, and therefore they do not understand the things of their inner world. Each man has the essence of God and all the wisdom and power of the world (germinally) in himself...and he who does not find that which is in him cannot truly say that he does not possess it, but only that he was not capable of successfully seeking for it."

~ Paracelsus

greater purpose : the art-experience

I believe art has the power to connect and awaken us to ourselves. The art-experience, in particular, is a place where consequences disappear, where performance and experiential environments can invite people to connect - both to themselves and others - on true, deep levels. I believe in such spaces we are able to build bridges to our inner selves, as well as across the differences we perceive in each other. We can then foster healing, understanding, and growth.

"True art is the intermediary between man's ordinary nature and his higher potentialities."

~ E.F. Schumacher in "A Guide for the Perplexed"


I want to step beyond the superficial boundaries we erect within, around, and between us, and encourage people to truly be -- both with themselves and each other. Can we heal ourselves from within? Can we transcend the chasms between our cultures and embrace the universal connection? If we can, perhaps we can start to overcome our fears, and take the next steps we need - both as individuals, and through that, as a society.


as a human

Colorado native based in Berlin. Artist disguised as a massage therapist and vice versa...but let's be real, it's all the same thing anyway. Art and Research Lead of BIMBIM Art Collective. Can dance in the rain, discuss humanity, sip tea, feel past her fingertips, and do some other artsy stuff along the way, too.

“The best grammar for thinking about the world is that of change, not of permanence. Not of being, but of becoming.”

~ Carlo Rovelli, theoretical physicist