WE ARE HERE: a prologue

Durational performance/installation (7 hours)

March 22, 2019

Türken Markt am Maybachufer

Berlin, Germany



In an effort to facilitate authentic human connection specifically through the sense of touch, I invited people to sit, take my hands, and allow themselves to be with me in the present moment. Participants could sit for as little or as long as they liked, there were no time limits. The session ended only once the participant chose to break the contact. To isolate the sense of touch, I wore a blindfold at all times and did not speak. Direct participants and observers alike were also invited to share their thoughts on the experience. The performance/installation lasted 7 hours and was conducted outside at one Berlin's most popular produce markets, the Türken Markt am Maybachufer.


Over the course of the installation, approximately 30 people chose to sit and take my hands. People of all ages, genders, backgrounds, colors, shapes and sizes participated. They sat for varying lengths of time: some sessions lasted one minute, some half an hour. Many more people engaged though observation and by asking questions about the project. 


Most of those who sat/observed also chose to share their response to the experience. A selection of the responses is shown below. (For an English translation, click on the photo)

a special thank you to:

Vinciane "Shaguar" Bisson, André Stephan, Fred Vincent-Thackeray, Maarten and Jolika Van den Berg, the Türken Markt am Maybachufer, Populus Coffee, Café Zart and all who chose to sit with me and be present