untitled in brooklyn

writhing brain

stimulated by the new and the old

the familiar love of home

of known

of comfort of love

missing these essential links

essential foundation of life and being

catching the glimpse of what’s been

denied my body

i’ve denied myself my roots

balance to keep standing

standing statues require

the hum be at the base

and only then can the flyer rest light as a feather

come back to your roots, child

the outside world has taught you well

now homeward bound to deepen

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gravity the weighing of objects the weight of thoughts unstrung like dust in the moonlight carrying on unbound for chance at matter mattering to matter to be

whispers of the water

waded to wait wayward we fly past tall buildings of water of living light we know them feel them are them but do not know them as our own we turn obligatory circles whispers reach us and we learn


amongst the ferns we wicker and scare yearning for the little finger chance to pay us mind our due but overdue is our submission to grace of abundance our invitation to everlasting the times of coming