the fear of love

i say these words as i shackle myself

“there is nothing to fear”

and BOOM

there she is

FEAR smacking me in the face

while LOVE simultaneously tugs me gently under her wing

I AM HERE she says

this is right

we are here for this.

words comfort, the pen, the page

familiar lessons in strength and expression

leaning into the scroll i know

the scroll of the pages where my heart reigns free

bearing its naked face to the salt-wind

off the rugged sea

locks of whiplashed hair

flying furiously ‘round her form

FLY she calls to me

BE ONE with the SKY, the SEA

let the FIRE inside blaze with abandon

smoke conditioning away into the ether

feel the EARTH carry your weight when you dare not carry it yourself

lean into the depths of the water

the stillness the silence

the belly of it all

the womb of the world

let Her beat your pulse and give you kind council

let His spark rest easy

and trust the form

allow the Love to pull you forward

and realize destiny

blaze with abandon

and face what surfaces with steady gaze

the fire brings the Light

if only you will honor her

you are called here because of your strength, your resolve

to bring back the Truth

and let Love light the Way.

Know that fear transforms in her wake.

Know thyself. Know thy purpose.

Trust thyself. Trust thy purpose.

Love thyself. Love thy purpose.

Ahou, Sister, Child of Gods.

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