i wrote a poem for you

aquatic eyes ripple

grazed by the breeze

tantalized with textures of beautiful sunlight

but bearing distrust of illumination’s reach

and ignorance

[or denial?—

of what then lies beneath.


past the last drop of ray

the last whisper of this existence

past the waves of time and space

of supposed certainty and this content facade of klarheit

skepticism bars your way, but belief builds a staircase to the other side

disown your complacency, friend.

discard the stagnancy.

dislodge your battle-wounded heart

and let light seep into your scar-tissue shields

dissolve the pretense of protection

and let warm blood course over your hands

drip-drop it onto your body and read the tea leaves where it lands

you are not afraid of feeling

so take your reflections and let them lead you

past the last drop of ray

the last whisper of known quantity

past the riddled distrust and on to your deepest forgotten knowing

disown your complacency.

for the task lies clearly

right before you and has for the past ten years:

your reflection, your tool

your perception, your key

your depth, your gift

our potential, the truth

that woman gifted you a beautiful truth.

you don’t realize how deep you run

we none of us realize how deep we run

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