we fight ourselves

pursuing the blackest of habits

shunned by the nunnery

sunken into depths of despair

cackling with gaudy amusement

sacrificing the truest of causes

for one

understood by none

the pain tied to this habit

is so unbearable

of course laughter is our only


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natural breath

layers break like waves shorn away, enticed by the coast revealing the calm beneath brief moments of breath before another surface rises another hidden level touches sunlight until never changing neve

again, please

taken she stumbles glowing ever softly candlelight never to be snuffed out she bows humbly to the chance to relive the dawn


mistified the hollow wears a cloak of soft fabric a velvet veil of stardust settled hovering amidst earthly form hush a whisper carries brilliantly through the fog time is here we are now we have begu