Updated: Jan 20

something peaks

piques the garden's interest

and intrigues my

fireflying whispers

of gold

surely one with the brilliant

sun of life

giving power

to all who receive

with arms wide

abandoning the shadows

in favor of truth

tell me

what do you see in me?

you see yourself

for we are all the same

and then came the rains

prudent in their downpour

grandiose with a flourish

reveling in their abandon

released to deluge

of fire and fear overthrown

may we revel in our cleanse

the power of unbroken

may we decide for ourselves

to heal


chew the delicate brush

of sweet palate

grown in full

through sunlight and rain

bowing blissfully

to the attitudes of natural


surrendering without struggle

automatic compliance

and compromise with


for growth

and success

and abundance

sweet flowers of