who is death?

no enemy of time, only consequence

a neutral effect of life

life affected by the nature of its being

i question death

as only life i know for certain

only where i am

only passage.

to trickle into watery thought

is to break the boundaries

of certainty

but who are we to know for certain?


joy, where have you gone?

my mind is too busy pretending to

be important...

leaves shift

time strays the blue moon

hangs loose on the horizon

what have we done

we cry to shadows

our presence comforts

but does not last

this hard life

is long and painful

short and beautiful

busy and listless

we have chosen each quality

and mesmerize ourselves

through each bastion

play the game we say

done with it all

but then watch the trees

notice the wind

return to the love

and renew begin again this Truth

Updated: Jan 20

you hold my hand so gently

by your side

tracing the curves, the boundaries

marveling at its weight

and lightness

you cup my fluttering and kiss

my tears

and remind me of my legs

holding steady, sturdy, strong

the body that carries me

your awe at me

your strength and vulnerability

it bleeds into my skin

wrapping me with trust

and love and togetherness

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©2021 by Rivka Rothstein

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