the art-experience: explained


“One has to cross out that word 'observer' and put in its place the new word 'participator.' In some strange sense, the universe is a participatory universe.”
- John Wheeler, theoretical physicist

Participants at BIMBIM's art-experience, "Ego Relaxation"

what is it?

The art-experience is an immersive journey where audience members serve as active participants in the creative piece. This is as opposed to being passive observers, which is the traditional role of the audience in relation to art. Rather than watching a film, going to a play or concert, or viewing artwork at a museum, at an art-experience, the audience member actually participates in the piece itself. In other words, without the participant, the art would not happen.

why is this significant?

This form of creation incorporates a physical and personal experience of art and self that can be powerful and impressionable, but also playful! The rules of behavior change in the art-experience--judgement and societal consequence fade away--which opens up a world of exploration. The art-experience encourages participants to set down the mask they wear on a day to day basis, and invites them to encounter themselves and others in new and deeper ways.

"Alchemical Activation" with the BIMBIM Art Collective